We trade the Options:  Particularly on, SPY. IWM and large cap stocks.

Sound financial planning is essential to getting the most out of life. Hallucis Financial has the knowledge and experience to show you why we make our financial decisions.

We trade the SPY, IWM and large cap stocks using options.  The reason we do will become obvious as you read through the site.  

We don't make recommendations, we simply tell you why and what we invest in.  We invest and trade using a wide range of trading and investment avenues.  Whether it's options, stocks, etf's etc, we will tell you why and when we invest, you simply watch and learn.  You then invest your money when, where and how you think is best for you.  We are simply a resource for you.

Come and see why we are successful in our approach to investing and trading.

NOTE:  Investing and trading  involves risk!  This is not a recommendation website.  We do not recommend trades.  Trade at your own risk!!