Hallucis, llc was founded in 2003 by a veteran trader and investor.  His trading expertize is in a wide range of vehicles.  These include stocks, options, etf's ( exchange traded funds), currencies and commodities. This site was established for the sole purpose to provide information.  

Our favorite trading vehicle is Options.

Through the years, constant questions were asked by friends and colleagues of the trader about his trading.  He decided to create this site to answer those questions.  Trades are published after they are closed, at then end of the trading day.  

Many asked if this information could be available pre-market the day of the trade.  Subsequently, the premium page was established due to the constant requests for this information.

We don't recommend trades or investments, we simply show you why we enter trades or investments that fit our model.  You watch what we do,  then go do what you want with your money.  Remember, trading involves risk.  People should only trade money they can afford to lose.